Milan-born Journalist Tommaso Cartia Making his Mark on New York City

Feb 12, 2019 256

Today's social media platforms bring us into contact with so many interesting people. Some compel you to want to know more about them beyond the photos and interesting content they post. For me, one of those people is Tommaso Cartia. We have been connected on social media for a while and what has struck me, beyond his interesting posts, is his support for others. Although he is always working and posting his own intriguing projects, he always takes the time to acknowledge others and their projects, showing a genuine interest in their work. In this day and age of self-promotion and selfies, this is a unique and endearing quality.

So I contacted him because I wanted to learn more about his projects so that I could share them with you. What I found is a conscientious, prolific journalist and author. He got his start in New York City working for the magazine and website, i-Italy about all things Italy in New York. That experience served as a strong foundation upon which he has built a promising career interviewing and also representing some of the greatest Italian talent to arrive on American shores.

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