The Only Giglio In The Entire World In 2020: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Oct 14, 2020 120

BY: Raymond Guarini

Italian American tradition has many cornerstones, and the Dance of the Giglio is one the most awe-inspiring. To build a Giglio is a feat onto itself, and then to dance this multi-story piece of art is another grand accomplishment altogether.

The Giglio Boys of Williamsburg along with their friends from East Harlem, Franklin Square Long Island and more Italian men from other varied Italian enclaves throughout the tri-state area, were able to assemble a Giglio and dance it despite the challenges posed by one of the most intense years in American history, 2020. Since 1903, the Italian men of Williamsburg have crafted a multi-story wooden structure with ornate carvings of Catholic saints that weighs thousands of pounds. 

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