Resurrecting the Arena di Verona

Jul 15, 2020 367

Wed, 07/15/2020 - 5:00pm. How to Bring Back to Life the Largest Opera Theater in the World. Stefano Albertini (NYU) in conversation with Cecilia Gasdìa (General Manager and Artistic Director, Arena di Verona). The episode will be broadcast live on Casa's Facebook Page and website. In ITALIAN with ENGLISH subtitles.

Casa Italiana Director Stefano Albertini interviews the General Manager and Artistic Director of the Arena di Verona Cecilia Gasdìa about the mission of presenting an opera season in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as her personal relationship with the Arena, from her debut there as an extra, to becoming a member of the choir, to her soloist career. The conversation will include information about the 2021 season, as well.

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