Rocco Sisto - Henry IV by Luigi Pirandello

Aug 29, 2017 749

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 6:00 pm. Italian Cultural Institute of New York - 686 Park Avenue - New York, NY 10065. Organized by : Kairos Italy Theater. Entrance : Free. Book now!

Rocco Sisto perfomes Henry IV, a play by Luigi Pirandello, translated by Gloria Pastorino, adapted by Laura Caparrotti and Rocco Sisto and directed by Laura Caparrotti. Meet the King! Or better, meet a man who fell, hit his head and now believes he is the King Henry IV. Is he mad or is it just a way to tell the truth to his visitors? Pirandello’s main theme of madness vs the mask that society forces us to wear is the focus of this new adaptation where mad Henry speaks to the audience who is more fool than him without knowing it.

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