Special Presentation: DANTE: The Father of the Italian

Sep 19, 2015 507

September 24 6:30 pm - 8:00 Westchester Italian Cultural Center - One Generoso Pope Place - Tuckahoe , NY 10707 United States

Dante Alighieri has provided guidance and nourishment to major poets throughout the ages. William Butler Yeats called Dante the "chief imagination for all of Christendom," and T.S. Elliot elevated him to the same level as only one other poet in the modern world, William Shakespeare. Professor Leonini will explore the life and history of Dante Alighieri, explaining why the Florentine poet is called the "Father of the Italian language," and why Dante's Divine Comedy is considered the greatest literary masterpiece in the Italian language and now after more than 650 years it still continues to astonish generations of readers.

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Source: http://wiccny.org/

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