Staten Island's Savino says upstate trip not intended to raise statewide profile

Nov 21, 2013 580

By Judy L. Randall

Joking that she should have donned a pair of work boots for a two-day foray to upstate produce and dairy farms, as head of the Senate's Labor Committee, state Sen. Diane Savino Tuesday swatted away questions about whether her travels might have a second purpose: To raise her profile statewide, possibly as a running mate for Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year.

"Not at all," said Ms. Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn), laughing. "I don't think I'd be on his short list." With rumors rife that Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy, the former mayor of Rochester, might be looking to pack it in after a single term, Ms. Savino's gender would be a plus on a Cuomo ticket: There are no female statewide elected officials.

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