The Guardians by Antonio Pio Saracino Coming to Midtown Manhattan

Nov 08, 2013 1101

The Guardians: Hero and Superhero, by acclaimed Italian architect and designer Antonio Pio Saracino, are new public sculptures that represent two legendary civic heroes. The pair of 13-foot-high statues, one in marble and the other in mirror polished stainless steel, will be positioned at the north and south ends of the public plaza at 1095 Avenue of the Americas at Bryant Park between 41st and 42nd Streets.

The Guardians symbolize past and present and are consistent with Saracino's (b. 1976, Puglia, Italy) overarching aim to combine digitally generated architectural compositions with a powerful, timeless message of resiliency and innovation. The sculptures will be installed at the end of November 2013, and will be celebrated with an opening reception on December 10, 2013. They will remain on view indefinitely, creating a new landmark in the center of Manhattan.

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