The Italian American Museum Presents "The Marquis of Roccaverdina"

Jul 02, 2014 883

Book Presentation by Santi V. Buscemi - Thursday, July 24th (6:30pm)

An engrossing and moving story, The Marquis of Roccaverdina (1903), is a psychological tour de force, which analyzes the life of a Sicilian aristocrat forced to choose between his passion for a beautiful peasant woman and the demands of a moribund social structure that preclude his marrying below his station.

Attempting to resolve the dilemma, he makes a decision that leads to a life tortured by jealousy, guilt and self-recrimination.

Italian American Museum
155 Mulberry Street
(Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets)
New York, NY 10013

Suggested donation of $10 per person

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