Wilmington Brings Italian Culture to the City Streets

Jun 24, 2019 924

Forty-five years later, and St. Anthony’s Italian Festival is still very much so a Wilmington tradition. Thousands of people gather every year at the St. Anthony Roman Catholic church on North Dupont Street to celebrate the rich culture of Italy. Nestled in between five surrounding city blocks, the festival sits directly in the middle of a thriving neighborhood, truly making this event one for the community.

Sunday, June 9th kicked off the first day of the event, and over a span of eight days, the festival was sure to defend its reputation as one of, if not the largest annual festival in the city. Created to honor the life of the church’s patron saint, this event holds onto its tradition dedicating its final day of celebration to organizing a worshiping ceremony, feast, and procession of saints. Though the festival holds much meaning to those who practice traditional Italian customs, the celebration does a great job of welcoming all to learn and enjoy the culture.

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SOURCE: https://www.witn22.org

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