FESTA ITALIANA Charlotte: thank you for giving

Nov 28, 2018 509

The St Anthony Foundation of Charlotte and Nevins Center want to thank you on this Thanks-Giving Weekend for your support of The FESTA. Because of your attendance and or your hard work, donation of your talents, money, and time, FESTA and the St Anthony Foundation of Charlotte was able to give $30,000 to Nevins Center. The most ever, bringing our our total to over $195,000 to Nevins over the part 13 years helping people with intellectual and physical special needs every day all year

THANK YOU for GIVING And Remembering Nestor Calderon, who Heavily Supported FESTA and Nevins for Many Years and Nancy Acitelli, one of FESTA's First Cannoli Girls. All proceeds benefit those with special needs at NEVINS CENTER www.nevinsinc.org



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