Fort Gordon honors Italian and German POWs buried on post

Nov 18, 2019 330

BY: Erika Wells

An event was held Sunday to honor World War II prisoners of war from Italy and Germany who are buried at Fort Gordon and to celebrate how far America’s relationships with the countries have come. The wreath-laying ceremony took place at the cemetery on the post for the 22 soldiers who died over 70 years ago at internment camps in Georgia and South Carolina.

"No one alive back then could have imagined a period where the three nations could possibly live in a cooperative state as we do today," said Col. Paul Craft, the commandant of the U.S. Army Cyber School. "Here at the memorial, it’s really not about Axis and Allied (powers) and friends and foes; this cemetery marks the resting place of 21 German and one Italian POW as a somber reminder of the tragedies of war."

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