Mangia Nashville goes all out for Big Night feast

Oct 13, 2016 912

"Everybody," the waitress' voice carried over the din of the dining room, "raise your arms!" All seated at our table stopped talking and turned to the young woman. She moved from table to table, demonstrating uplifted arms, and began swaying right to left in time with the music — a Young Rascals hit from the '60s, "Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon."

Soon, everyone in the room had arms stretched overhead and undulating side to side, everyone laughing. It was impossible not to. And this was when you realized that the five-course feast you signed up for at Mangia Nashville was more than a meal. It's like a community block party, one in which chef Nick Pellegrino and his staff and you and all of the other guests play an integral part.

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