Tall ship Niña replica docks at Palafox Pier, tours available

Sep 11, 2020 385

BY: Daniel Smithson

A piece of replicated history made its way into Pensacola Bay today. A replica of the ship “Niña,” known for its part in the 1492 Christopher Columbus journey to the New World, docked today at Palafox Pier near downtown Pensacola. The owners of the ship, Sanger Ships, LLC, say it’s the closest to the real thing in the world.

“The Niña behind me is the most historically accurate replica of Christopher Columbus’ favorite ship that he used to go on three voyages across the Atlantic Ocean,” said Capt. Stephen Sanger, adding it was built in Brazil. “It took 20 men 32 months to construct the Nina without the use of electricity and it went 3 years of research before the keel was even laid.”

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SOURCE: https://www.wkrg.com

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