The Don Diego Trio Sends Greetings From Austin

Apr 18, 2019 424

There are few more American musical genres than rockabilly, the pulsing fusion of rock and roll, bluegrass and, of course, Texas swing. Yet its global reach is how filmmaker Vittorio Bongiorno travelled an Italian band from Sicily to the Ameripolitan Festival in Austin – and why he's back here tonight with the Don Diego Trio.

A director, novelist and musician in his own right, Bongiorno's documentary Greetings From Austin follows the trio (which has been known to swell to a quartet, quintet, and even more as the mood and the music requires) on their first American trip. Yet, like his his 2010 documentary, Buia Era la Notte (Dark Was the Night), about artist Giovanni Manfredini, it's not just about the joys of creativity.

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