Gretna’s Italian-Irish parade sees large crowds for second year

Mar 11, 2024 740

BY: Ashley Hamilton

The Italian Irish parade rolled through the streets of Gretna (LA) on Sunday, March 10 and attendees were eager to catch some good throws. “We are going to have a nice time throwing, we got tons of stuff to throw to the kids today,” said parade rider William. Hundreds crowded the streets not only for beads but for some groceries to stock up their pantries as well.

“They are notorious for throwing groceries. Especially the cabbages the onions even the lemons, don’t get me started on the lemons. Yeah, you got to have lemons to make lemonade,” said paradegoer Nick Patrick. It’s only the second year Gretna Italian-Irish Heritage parade has rolled but it’s grown to have more than 900 riders. For Sebastian Navia, being a part of the parade is a way to celebrate his culture.

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