Little Italy Incorporation Petition to be Heard

May 22, 2015 1180

The hearing before the Pulaski County Judge on the Little Italy petition for incorporation will be held on Monday, July 13 at 2 PM in the Quorum Court room located in the Pulaski County Administration building on 201 S. Broadway in Little Rock.

All are welcome to attend. Details about the hearing TBA.

Arkansas Code A.C.A. § 14-38-104 stipulates:

(a) The county court shall make out and endorse on the petition an order to the effect that the city or incorporated town as named and described in the petition may be organized if the court shall be satisfied after hearing the petition that:

(1) The greater of either two hundred (200) or a majority of the qualified voters residing within the described territory have signed the petition;

(2) The limits have been accurately described and an accurate map or plat of the limits made and filed;

(3) The name proposed for the city or incorporated town is proper and sufficient to distinguish it from others of like kind in the state; and

(4) Moreover, that it shall be deemed right and proper in the judgment and discretion of the court that the petition shall be granted.

If granted, historic Little Italy could become the 501st town in the same year we celebrate our centennial anniversary as a community in Arkansas - the great 'Natural State' and 'Land of Opportunity'. We want to be a town out of love for our heritage, rural land, and love for our families - to preserve and protect what they found and loved and ensure it for the future. Save the July date and hope to see you there!

Source: Little Italy Arkansas

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