New Orleans Society of Cefalutana Day at the Races

Mar 13, 2020 242

The Fairgrounds horse Race Track of New Orleans hosted sixty members of the Societa Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana on Sunday March 8, 2020. Cefalù is a city located geographically in the middle of the northern coast of Sicily. The word “Cefalutana” comes from the old Sicilian dialect, meaning “of or from Cefalù.”

The Società Italiana di Mutua Beneficenza Cefalutana was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 19, 1887, and incorporated on August 10, 1887. Its officers are: David Matassa, President; Christopher Series Bardes, First vice-president; Peter Lamanna Sr., Second vice-president; Rose Brocato, Secretary; Lisa Serio, Treasurer; Edwin Reeves, Jr., Financial Secretary; and Conchetta MAresciallo, Grand Marshall.

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