Sculpture by Peter Chinni featured at Harwood

Nov 03, 2018 877

BY: Rick Romancito

Artist Peter Chinni turned 90 on March 21, and although he hasn't lived in Taos for long, he has cemented his place in the community of artists here. Chinni's "Inside/Out" is part of the Harwood Museum's Winter Exhibitions opening Saturday (Nov. 3). Although the Taos Arts Council nominated Chinni for a Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts back in February, he wasn't selected. But, his nomination indicated the level of respect he has engendered in Taos.

"Chinni's art has always been original and dynamic," a Feb. 15 statement from the TAC reads. "He has inspired numerous artists of Taos and beyond in seeking their own path to creativity. Whether at a local restaurant or an art opening, his persona, always gentle and kind, radiates with the aura of the consummate artist."

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