Sons of Italy group celebrates one-year anniversary in Beaumont

May 20, 2016 901

The Sons of Italy - La Famiglia di Southeast Texas Lodge 2887 held its 1st Anniversary on May 14th at Rao's Bakery in Beaumont. President Ron Bassana said the celebration included a representative from the Texas State University- Italian Studies Department and members enjoyed some great stories, good food and an informative session about Italian immigrants in Southeast Texas given by guest speaker and fellow lodge member Cassandre Durso.

Q:Who are the Sons of Italy-Lodge 2887?

A:First and foremost we are a stronghold of American-Italians who want to keep their heritage alive and well within our own community and throughout Southeast Texas. The Lodge is a group of individuals who share their passion for all things Italian, sponsors and enjoys community events, and opens our doors to non-Italians in an effort to share the rich culture and Italian heritage in general but especially as it relates to Southeast Texas.

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