What an expert on Italian art thought of the 'Sistine Chapel' at Fair Park

Oct 24, 2016 464

Michelangelo's complex, revolutionary frescoes in the vault of the Sistine Chapel remain the standard by which artistic difficulty and accomplishment are measured. Featuring 380 individual figures covering 2,400 square feet of painted surface, the ceiling itself emblematizes its very subject: the power of creation.

For those who cannot make the trip to Rome, Rome has come to Dallas — in virtual form. "Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition," currently on view at The Women's Museum Building in Fair Park and recently extended through Jan. 8, features full-scale photographic reproductions of Michelangelo's vault frescoes (1508-12) and his 40-foot-high Last Judgment (1534-41) from the altar wall.

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