Angels in Amatrice

Jan 06, 2017 1244

by Italian Club of Salt Lake

While many were enjoying their holidays over the last few weeks, cialis our wonderful Director and ICSL President, click Giuliana Marple, remedy spent her time volunteering and providing aid to the earthquake-struck regions of Central Italy. This past Fall, the regions of Umbria and Marches were rocked with a series of incredible earthquakes which destroyed homes and businesses, and took many lives.

Months later, the central region is still plagued with residual tremors and residents have been relocated to different cities with family, or seeking safety in nearby campsites. Giuliana often referred to the many volunteers and firefighters as "angels," through her emotional Instagram posts during her trip. Two cities, Camerino and Amatrice, were featured villages where she and many other volunteers were able to bring aid amidst so much devastation.

For those of us in the club who know Giuliana, it is easy to imagine the empathy, love, and joy with which she could bring to those who have lost so much. Her overflowing heart and passion for her homeland and the people around her are such an inspiration to anyone who encounters her. Hopefully when she returns she can provide more details and stories about her experiences, or maybe even give a lecture as an ICSL event!

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