Author Edward G. Pizzella Pens a Memoir of Community Theatre and Developing Hidden Talents

Nov 07, 2017 736

The book, “The Versatility of Chairs: A Theatrical Memoir,” written by Edward G. Pizzella narrates the struggles of Italian Immigrants back in 1930’s in Hartford, Connecticut. It tells about a variety of things. One is about coping with poverty and surviving. It is also about family — the love they share, parenting, and instilling sound principles to the young. It talks about the importance of education and the need to be involved in the affairs of the community. It shares about self-reliance, self-esteem, and establishing and accomplishing worthy goals. It is also about community theatre and searching for and developing hidden talents. It also describes the immense satisfaction that one can have from striving to be proficient in live theatre as an actor, director and producer. 

Finally, it is about transforming the inert and flaccid written word into vital third dimensional action and having to experience the great feeling of power and gratification of being appreciated by the audience. This is a great book and definitely a must read. It contains an exciting account of the life of Italian immigrants long time ago. It contains stories that not just give fun and excitement to readers, but also lessons that can be applied in their own lives.

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