Cecilia Strettoi at the Dante Alighieri Society of Washington

Feb 24, 2018 1740

Our presenter next Wednesday February 28 will be Cecilia Strettoi from the University of Washington.   Cecilia will first outline some crucial events of Italian history during WWII – specifically the events that led to the civil war and to the Partisan Resistance. Secondly, she will explain how the war experience has motivated some authors to write novels on their experience during the Resistance.  Finally she will consider how that period of national struggle is perceived and discussed today in Italy.

Cecilia is an instructor  of Italian language, culture and literature with over two decades of educational experience in Italy and in the US. She joined the University of Washington in 2013 where she has taught language classes for the French and Italian Department. Cecilia also collaborates with the UW Honors program developing interdisciplinary seminars about Italian literature, with a focus on World War II and the Italian Resistance.

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SOURCE: https://ilpuntoseattle.org/

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