Festa Italiana: an authentic Italian street festival in Salt Lake City

Sep 25, 2015 646

by Amanda Rock

Festa Italiana welcomed a staggering 10,000 people hoping to get a taste of authentic Italian food, entertainment and history. The inaugural festival took over the city block in front of the Rio Grande Depot on 300 South 400 West in Salt Lake City for a weekend in late September. Vendors lined the street selling food and art. A row of Fiats added to the Italian charm. The celebration of Italian food and culture was the innovation of the men's chapter of the Italian Civic League. They've been working on Festa Italiana for years, ironing out the details and securing sponsors.

Live music filled the air as my husband and I plotted our eating strategy. As a card-carrying member of the Women's Chapter of the Italian Civic League, I am partial to all things Italian. As a food writer and descendant of Italian cooks, I'm especially interested in the culinary aspect of my Italian heritage. I'm happy to report that I ate a lot at Festa Italiana. And it was all delicious.

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