Festa Italiana Hawaii for We the Italians Fundraiser

Apr 04, 2020 981

BY: Kira DiIonno

Festa Italiana Hawaii, Hawaii's first & only Italian festival, celebrates where “Ciao Meets Aloha” - the intersection of Hawaiian and Italian cultures. During these trying times, Festa Italiana Hawaii is eager to show aloha (compassion, kindness, love) to the people of Italy and the local Hawaii restaurant community.

The festival has launched a terrific fundraising campaign, the proceeds of which will be used to support the courageous efforts of the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Roma by donating to the We the Italians GoFundMe campaign, and purchase gift cards from Festa Italiana Hawaii restaurants which will help support them during these tough times.

Festa Italiana Hawaii t-shirts feature fun and lively designs that celebrate Italian culture as it exists in Hawaii: "Cialoha" - combining "ciao" and "aloha", "Ciaozit" - combining "ciao" with the local word "howzit," which is slang for "how are you?" or "hey there!", the popular "Legalize Marinara" t-shirt, and a special edition "Lazarus" t-shirt to commemorate the collaboration with Hawaii artist Kamea Hadar, whose artwork "Lazarus" was debuted at Festa Italiana Hawaii in the form of a special car wrap on a Lambourghini Huracan LP580-2.

Here's how you can help today: Visit www.FestaItalianaHawaii.com/shop. Purchase any of the featured Festa T-shirts. All shirts are 20% off. Festa Italiana Hawaii encourages you to spread the CIALOHA with the Italian and Hawaii community.

SOURCE: Festa Italiana Hawaii

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