How to Butcher a Beautiful Language

Dec 26, 2019 578

Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 7:00 pm. New Season's Market, 7703 SW Nyberg Street, Tualatin OR. For the past two decades, Bob Powers and his husband Donald have made dozens of trips to the beautiful walled city of Lucca. For much of the past decade, Bob has been working on a travel memoir, based upon his experience trying to learn the blessed Italian language, which will form the basis for his hilarious presentation, and will answer the question: Can a middle-aged man, with a tin ear for language, learn to speak Italiano, and will the quest keep him young?

Bob has made this presentation at numerous locations, including Denver, Colorado (Clocktower Cabaret), Los Gatos (An Private Evening in Italia), Portland Oregon (Benefits for Basic Rights Oregon), Sun Valley, Idaho (private event), Miami, Florida (Peace Corps Reunion) and Lucca, Italy (numerous private events)

SOURCE: Westside Italian Cultural Group

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