The Italian-American Civic League Steak Fry

Oct 03, 2014 774

Something about tradition makes food taste better—and Italians know that better than anyone else.

The Italian-American Civic League Steak Fry is a charmingly old-fashioned event that's been held yearly for the past 35 years. It's a chance for families and friends to come together, share food and reminisce about the old days. It's also a way to welcome potential members into the organization.

According to Dominic Fratto, president of the men's chapter, Salt Lake City's Italian-American Civic League was established in 1934. The nonprofit group promotes "civil, social and educational growth and support—not only the Italian-American community, but of the Utah community," Fratto says. "As we like to say: 'Per noi, per la Comunità!'"

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