When Ronn Dominici came back

May 13, 2021 389

By now, everybody knows that Ronn Dominici is back in town. He moved to Idaho some time back, but he missed us, so he came back for a visit. Ronn dropped by our house yesterday, and we talked. After he left, an old story came to mind. I mused and mused on this tale so much that I have decided to tell it again, so here it is.

It must have seemed like a cruel joke, and indeed it was cruel, but it was no joke. The young Italian immigrant had come to America, found work and sent for his wife and child. In 1911, the mother and son arrived in Madera, and the family was together once again. Then, in 1914, the father returned temporarily to Italy to put the finishing touches on some personal business, when the government suddenly snatched him up and put him into the Italian army.

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SOURCE: http://www.maderatribune.com

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