When South Medford was the hub of the Universe, Pt.1

Jan 07, 2020 569

Once upon a time, if you were growing up in South Medford and you lived in walking distance of Main Street, your world was complete. What did you need that wasn’t there? Why would you ever leave? Why would you even need a car? According to Anita D’Antonio, Louise D’Antonio, and Nancy Chito, South Medford from the 1920’s until the 1980’s was a very special place to live. Most of their reflections are from their own childhoods and those of their parents.

“It was all two- and three-family houses and everyone in the house was related to you,” says Nancy. “Yes,” says Anita, “and you felt enveloped in warmth and love.” “Except,” says her sister Louise, “if you did something wrong. Because you couldn’t get away with it. Someone would tell your mother.”

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SOURCE: http://medford.wickedlocal.com

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