Fiat Shows What Would've Occured If the Italians Had Invaded America Instead of the British

Jun 22, 2013 1195

by Dan Mihalascu

Fiat is promoting the North American launch of the 500L five-seat MPV with a funny commercial that shows "how different America might have been if the Italians had invaded instead of the British." The ad is really funny, even more given the historical inaccuracies in the video.

It shows some locals being alerted that the British are coming. At a closer look though, the guy with the spyglass notices that it was the Italians that were coming, not the British. Surprisingly, the "invaders" don't arrive by boat, but in a fleet of Fiat 500L minivans. All of a sudden, the locals are changing their clothes and arrange themselves for the guests – especially the women.

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