Italian luxury arrives in downtown Des Moines

Jan 18, 2016 791

A new men's clothing store called Lord Midas opened in downtown Des Moines recently. "Everything is made in Italy, exclusively made in Italy," Max Stanco said. Stanco was born in New York and raised in Italy. He opened his first clothing store in Des Moines at Sixth and Locust streets. Men's suits are priced from $1,000 to $3,000, but the price is a risk Stanco said he's willing to take to bring luxury back to downtown.

"It takes some courage," he said. "It's not like everybody would do it because no one has done it so far." Stanco said he was going to open a store in Dallas but changed his mind after visiting a friend in Des Moines. The corner shop with its tall windows reminded him of New York, he said. He then fell in love with the city and its people.

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