Made in Italy quality at Outdoor Retailer

Jun 19, 2019 383

The outdoor world is meeting in Denver, CO, for the largest trade fair in North America this week – Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, leaders in the production of warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics, will exhibit at the show, presenting the excellence of Made in Italy fabrics for the world of sports and outdoor. Carvico will demonstrate the wet look effect of Hamptons, as well as a brand-new colour card of Revolutional Eco, with a particular focus on the renewed eco-sustainable collection Vita.

Green fabrics
Renew Shine, Renew Folk and Style Peach belong to Jersey Lomellina collection of sustainable fabrics and put together performance and style, sex-appeal and modernity. Innovative, comfortable and high-performance, Renewand Style Peach are perfect for trendy and fashionable active sportswear, swimwear and beachwear items, which blend comfort and techno-features, the company explains.

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