Vespa's new robot will carry your groceries

Feb 03, 2017 1422

BY: Matt McFarland

Vespa, best known for its stylish scooters, is trying something new. The Italian company is opening a Boston-based division, called Piaggio Fast Forward, to focus on the future of mobility. Its first creation is Gita, a robot designed to carry cargo, such as groceries, and follow around a pedestrian or cyclist.

The vision is that Gita will be able to do mundane chores for owners. Standing at about two feet tall and with the ability to carry 40 pounds of stuff, the robot has a lid that opens to reveal the cargo bin. It can travel at a top speed of 22 mph. There's no timeline for when a consumer can get their hands on one, and price has not yet been disclosed. But Piaggio Fast Forward said it will conduct pilot tests with businesses this year.

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