With love, from Italy!

Sep 29, 2018 1162

BY: Gianni Carlo Vanerro

Vincent Tropepe Fashions (VTF) made their debut at Brooklyn Borough Hall in Brooklyn, New York recently. Vincent Tropepe known as an award winning chef veered into fashion after a project presenting itself to him to design chef footwear, when Tropepe evolved the project into more mainstream footwear for everyone as well as designing handbags, wallets, jewelry and more Vincent Tropepe Fashions was born. After three years of development VTF took over Brooklyn Borough Hall in Downtown Brooklyn with an impressive line up of local celebrities.

The model line up included five time Billboard award winning radio personality Valerie Smaldone, 2015 Miss New York Jamie Lynn Macchia, Broadway’s own Ben Cameron, EMMY winner Tinabeth Pina, 2012 Miss New York Wheelchair Dr. Danielle Sheypuk to name a few. Vincent’s fashions employ over 30 freelance jewelers, master shoe and bag makers all across Italy. Bags made in Umbria and Milan, jewelry made in Naples and Abruzzo, shoes made in Le Marche and the list goes on.

What’s even more impressive is that even though Tropepe fell into the fashion industry he is far ahead of the curve because all of his leather good products are made from vegetable extract leather or “vegan” leather. The type of vegan leather that VTF uses is made strictly out of the roots of trees with no additives, but for coloring which is also all natural says Tropepe. “By having vegan leather that is of this quality you wouldn’t be able to know the difference unless you knew prior and this unaltered vegan leather makes the leather goods more durable and will never fade in color.” Tropepe explained. Vincent Tropepe Fashions can be found at www.vtfashions.com


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