NY State Police partnering with Rochester's Little Italy Neighborhood to present 'Neighborhood Crime Prevention' information to the Community

Jan 26, 2023 438

A very special presentation will be held on January 26th from 6-7 PM, by the NY State Troopers in the Little Italy Neighborhood (at the Rochester Community Sports Complex - 448 Smith St.) to present Neighborhood Crime Prevention information to the community.

The information applies to all neighborhoods, both city and suburban. The event will feature free pizza, Italian cookies and refreshments , and will include information on potential revitalization of the Lyell corridor. All officials elected to represent the Lyell area have beeen invited, as well as RPD. 

Silvano Orsi (Founder, Little Italy Neighborhood): "We're very proud and honored to partner with the NYS Troopers to bring useful information to the troubled Lyell area and Greater Rochester community on Neighborhood Crime Prevention, particularly in view of the recent uptick in violence and the tragic homicide at Burger King on Lyell Avenue. Our intention is to help reduce crime, facilitate revitalization of the Lyell area, and help strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the local community."

SOURCE: Little Italy Rochester

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