The man who dressed the Wolf of Wall St

Dec 30, 2013 1606

In the fall of 1991, Manhattan tailor Anthony Giliberto received a call from Elliot Lavigne, then-chairman of Perry Ellis. That one call would change the course of the third-generation tailor's life. "He says, 'Anthony, come over here right now. I want to introduce you to somebody.' I says to him, 'Elliot, I can't, I'm busy.' "

Lavigne insisted, and Giliberto went to the Perry Ellis offices to meet the mystery VIP, who promptly ordered a double-breasted suit from him. "I made him the one suit, and he loved it. He called me and said, 'I loved the suit. Make me 10 more,' " recalls Giliberto, who punched in the order for $14,000. That man was Jordan Belfort, "the Wolf of Wall Street."

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