ITA Airways Set To Begin ‘New Routes’- Italy To The US

Mar 05, 2022 624

BY: Joseph Calisi

Subsequent to the turnover from Alitalia to Ita Airways back on October 15 with the first flight to New York’s JFK Airport, some of the routes inherited from Alitalia were not used until the late winter or early Spring of 2022. With the advent of the coming summer travel season and the reduction of flight restrictions, more flights are being scheduled overall.

In the case of Boston, round trips will be increased from 2 to 5 weekday trips in April and increased again to 6 in May and finally daily trippers from June thru October: Rome-Boston: Wednesday, Saturday; AZ614, 10:20-14:00. Boston-Rome: Wednesday, Saturday; AZ615, 17:10-07:00+1. The daily round trips will be reduced to 5 beginning in November.

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