The IACC celebrates 25 years of activity

Jan 15, 2016 506

2016 will be a special year for the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce Southeast (IACC) as we will celebrate, with a rich calendar of initiatives, the 25th anniversary of this fine institution. In 1991, when the Chamber was established, the Italian community in the US Southeast was made up of a few thousand people, now there are more than 30,000 Italians living here. Entrepreneurs, researchers and managers who have greatly contributed to the advancement and prosperity of this part of the world. In the same way, Italian products have become more and more popular and exports from Italy have growth year after year.

The Chamber, has undoubtedly given its small contribution to this process. During the last 25 years, the IACC has helped hundreds of firms to access into the new market. Only in 2015, the IACC has provided information and orientation to almost 150 entrepreneurs; it has brought to different trade shows in Italy 85 US importers; it has organized business meetings for 6 delegations of Italian companies in Florida and it has promoted a dozen of local events where the main topic was Italian culture and economy.

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