Nevada, Italy agree to work together on water, energy issues

Mar 07, 2017 944


Researchers in Nevada and Italy will start working together to solve problems that both areas face, like ways to mitigate urban flooding and better ways to find geothermal energy. Kristopher Sanchez, director of international trade for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, signed a five-year agreement Thursday with Francesco La Camera, director general of the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea of the Republic of Italy.

“In Italy, the primary focus in this agreement for them is climate science,” Sanchez told the Review-Journal. Researchers at the Desert Research Institute have “off-the-shelf know-how” to offer Italian researchers in that area, he said. Alan Gertler, vice present of research at the institute, said Italian researchers have much to share with Nevada when it comes to geothermal energy sourcing.

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