Italian aerospace engineer Marcello Gori on his research about ocean worlds at NASA

Jan 04, 2021 180

BY: Silvia Giudici

Liquid water is a necessary condition to sustain life as we know it. This very simple concept, inspired by observing life on our planet, has led scientists from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (commonly known as JPL) to explore the so-called “Ocean Worlds.” Ocean Worlds are bodies in our Solar System where large amounts of liquid water are expected to be found underneath their icy crusts.

Europa, a Jovian moon, may contain two to three times the water found on Earth, despite it being smaller than our Moon. Europa and Enceladus, a Saturnian moon, stand out not only due to the expected abundant liquid water, but also due to the communication between these oceans and the surface. This is of paramount importance since traces of what is in the oceans underneath may be found on the surface, which is the most accessible part of these moons.

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