Luiss University sets its sights on the United States with a project on education and the industrial world

Nov 08, 2022 185

Luiss Guido Carli crossed the Atlantic with the aim of "strengthening that virtual bridge existing between Italy and the United States that is supported on skills, relationships and new business opportunities, but also strategic assets of what is defined as a new economic diplomacy of education."

An important appointment, a meeting that took place in the States, in Washington D.C. and was accompanied by two fundamental moments such as the launch of the Luiss US Foundation and the International Master's Degree 'Trans-Atlantic Business Executive' (TABE) which will have the task of creating a new class of managers and professionals within the framework of an international partnership of the highest caliber and which includes academic institutions and industrial associations, not only from the United States and Italy, but also from France, Germany, Great Britain and Canada.

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