The State of Italian American Academics in New Jersey Higher Education

Apr 12, 2022 483

BY: Santi Buscemi

Call to Conference: Announcing a Conference for Italian-American Collegiate Educators in New Jersey. Hosted by The Italian-American Legal Defense and Higher Education Fund, The American-Italian Sociohistorical Association, AIAE - Association of Italian American Educators and The Italian American Museum of New York.

The State of Italian American Academics in New Jersey Higher Education. Friday, October 14, 2022. Middlesex College in Edison, New Jersey. The College Center - Cafeteria C. Registration and Breakfast: 8- 9:00 am. To register for the conference, please email Prof. Santi Buscemi.

Papers and panels on topics of interest to Italian-American Collegiate Educators include:

- How can Italian-American faculty promote the dissemination of information about Italian and Italian-American heritage among IA students and students of other heritages?

- How can we make students more aware of the history of Italy and of Italian immigration to increase their appreciation of their ancestors’ sacrifices to secure a better future for their children and grandchildren?

- How can we combat the unfair negative stereotyping of Italian-Americans in the media?

- How can we help public institutions tell the Italian-American story, following the lead of universities such as Montclair State?

- How can we recruit qualified Italian-Americans for collegiate teaching positions?

- How can senior faculty help younger faculty of Italian descent achieve promotions to higher ranks?

- Should Italian-Americans become an Affirmative-Action category among New Jersey’s colleges and universities?



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