In memory of late father, family gives $2,000 to kids at the Iowa State Fair — $5 at a time

Aug 12, 2019 565

BY: Courtney Crowder

Five dollars at the Iowa State Fair goes further than you think. Know the right stand and a snow cone, some cotton candy, a strawberry shake, a ride down the big slide or even an order of X-Treme Balls (pork tenderloin balled up on a kebob with pickles and onions) will only cost you a Lincoln. But all the Scarpino family wanted for their $5 was a smile. And that was exactly what they got — 400 times over.

Walking nearly every inch of the fairgrounds, Steve Scarpino and Janel Marcovis handed out $2,000, $5 at a time, to kids, all of whom were complete strangers. They approached each family with one simple request: Let the kids choose what they want to do with this money.  

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