Columbus Citizens Foundation launches annual scholarship program applications

Dec 09, 2021 391

BY: Jefferson Wilson

Columbus Citizens Foundation has entered the annual application process of its acclaimed Scholarship Program. Since inception, the Foundation has been a proud supporter of Italian American education and culture and established its robust scholarship program with the overarching goal to increase educational opportunities for the next generation of Italian Americans.

For the upcoming academic year, Columbus Citizens Foundation is expected to provide new scholarships to 40 Italian American high school and college students. These new recipients will join over 100 students currently receiving scholarships from the Foundation.

In addition to its general Scholarship Program, Columbus Citizens Foundation also offers several opportunities specific to certain fields of education and development – such as assisting with distribution of the Morgagni Medical Society Scholarship, which is available to first year medical students, and administration of the Dr. Anthony Fauci Scholarship, awarded to a student seeking aid in a graduate degree focused on medicine or public health.

Lisa Ackerman, Executive Director of Columbus Citizens Foundation, offered the following statement, “With the cost of education often remaining a significant barrier in allowing students to pursue study at the high school or college of their choice, CCF is proud to offer supplemental support that helps young Italian Americans follow their passions and support their drives. Applications will be open until February 21, and we expect to see a wide range of excellent candidates.”

Details on eligibility requirements, and further instruction on how to apply, can be found on the Foundation’s website at:

Columbus Citizens Foundation is a non-profit organization in New York City committed to fostering an appreciation of Italian American heritage and achievement. The Foundation provides opportunities for advancement to deserving Italian-American students through various scholarship and grant programs. The Foundation organizes New York City's annual Columbus Celebration and Columbus Day Parade.

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SOURCE: Columbus Citizens Foundation

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