Little Italy Food Hall Adds Fast-Casual Pasta Component

Aug 24, 2019 180

BY: Candice Woo

The Little Italy Food Hall heads into its second year with a new eatery that will make its debut later this fall, joining Mein St. Asian Kitchen, Not Not Tacos by Sam the Cooking Guy, Wicked Maine Lobster, and Bobboi Natural Gelato in the space. Replacing Roast Meat & Sandwich shop in the 4,685-square-foot food emporium is a second offering from Ambrogio15, one of the hall’s founding tenants which also operates a Pacific Beach restaurant dedicated to its Milanese-style pizza.

Ambrogio15 co-owners Giacomo Pizzigoni, Luca Salvi, and Andrea Burrone will be opening Semola, which brings the neighborhood its first spot for fast-casual pasta. Aiming to offer convenience, affordability, and quality, the majority of its pasta plates will be priced until $10. 

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