For the Love of Pasta: Uovo brings fresh Italian meals to South Lake Avenue

Sep 12, 2023 75

In Italian, the word for egg is “uovo.” It’s also the name of a new restaurant in town. Opening its doors on Aug. 11 in The Commons on South Lake Avenue, Uovo is a sophisticated Italian trattoria that specializes in handmade fresh pasta from Italy. When we say, “from Italy,” we mean fresh pasta made by hand and shipped fresh daily to Los Angeles from the restaurant’s own pasta kitchen in Bologna.

It’s an exceptionally unusual system that ultimately delivers a pasta experience that can only be duplicated in, well, Italy. The restaurant’s name provides a clue as to what makes Italian-made pasta truly superior and why Uovo goes to such great lengths to bring its pasta to its restaurants in Los Angeles. It launched in Santa Monica in August 2017, but the Pasadena store represents the fifth location of this uniquely modeled artisanal pasta concept.

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