Milano Cafe & Deli Opens Italian Restaurant And Market In Downtown Burbank

Oct 28, 2021 231

BY: Lisa Paredes

Potted olive trees stand like sentinels at the entrance to Milano Cafe & Deli, welcoming lovers of Italian food and sundries to the recently opened Italian marketplace at the corner of Palm and Third Street in Downtown Burbank. With a well-though out menu of Italian dishes, French and Italian pastries, deli staples and corner market necessities, Milano Cafe & Deli has generated a good amount of community buzz since opening in early September.

Everything we’ve ordered has been fresh and of high quality; we’ve ordered takeout twice in recent weeks. The two sandwiches we tried were delicious and each came with a bag of chips. The Chicken Milanese was nicely done and a solid fried chicken sandwich done in a subtle style.

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