Oakland's Genova Delicatessen Closing After 90 Years

Apr 28, 2016 786

Sad news for fans of one of the cornerstone businesses of Oakland's Temescal neighborhood: Genova Delicatessen is packing it in and closing up shop later this week, on April 30. The Italian deli is, as the Mercury-News tells it, one of the last reminders of Temescal's long-ago identity as an Italian-American enclave, and the same family, the DeVincenzis, have been running it for four generations.

The reason for the closure, they say, is both a lease negotiation with the landlord that couldn't be resolved, and the rising cost of utilities and doing business in general. "We've always felt the prices should be reasonable and the food really good quality which we have been able to manage," says Patti DeVincenzi, "but the cost of doing business is to the point now where it became uncomfortable."

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Source: http://sfist.com/

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