True Italian Taste Returns to Los Angeles

Aug 20, 2021 291

BY: Paul Feinstein

Every year, the Italian American Chamber of Commerce West (IACCW) puts on a series of events called True Italian Taste. The pandemic put things on a hiatus, but the group is back with an unbelievably tasty dinner series in Los Angeles. For some background, True Italian Taste is in its fifth year and its goal is to promote restaurants and chefs as they bring Old World traditions to American sensibilities. 

This year’s trio of events will take place at esteemed LA restaurants Angelini OsteriaN10, and Rossoblu, where each establishment will tackle a distinctive time period in Italian food history. IACCW’s Executive Director Genny Nevoso says, “This year, we take a deep dive into the Middle Ages, at the court of the Malatesta Family of Rimini, where we obtain clues about how regional specialties evolved into today’s Italian culinary landscape." 

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