Building the Valley: La Vite Ristorante provides fine Italian fare in Russellton

Sep 13, 2023 67

La Vite Ristorante is a big restaurant with even bigger goals. “I want this to be Pittsburgh’s Italian restaurant spot,” said owner, Eric Capozzi, 56, of McCandless. “I want everyone to come in, enjoy themselves and have fun.” La Vite, located at the No Offseason Sports complex at 942 Little Deer Creek Valley Road in Russellton, opened April 18 and has hit the ground running, Capozzi said.

In fact, a check of the comments and messages on the restaurant’s Facebook page tells the story of just how well things have been going, Capozzi said. “We have had no negative comments,” he said. The restaurant serves predominantly Italian food with a few American-style dishes. It also features a full-service bar and a banquet room.

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